Free-piston engine project

Work on free-piston engine concepts commenced in 1999 at Newcastle University and has been supported by BAE Systems, The Institution of Marine Science, Engineering and Technology, and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), as well as through strategic university funding.

Free-piston engines for a wide range of applications have been studied through computational simulation and experimental testing. For further information, please see the concepts and research areas pages. This page presents the main findings of the research and provides contact details to the group and links to relevant publications.

The research is carried out by the Sustainable Power Research Group, led by Professor Tony Roskilly. Previously based in the School of Marine Science and Technology, the group is currently a core member of the Sir Joseph Swan Institute for Energy Research.


PhD studentships advertised
The Sir Joseph Swan Institute has advertised two PhD studentships in the area of free-piston engine technology and novel refrigeration cycles. For further information, please see this page.

Visiting researcher to join the Swan Institute
We are pleased to announce that Mr Chunlai Tian will be joining the group as a visiting researcher in March 2010. Mr Tian is a PhD candidate at the leading Beijing Institute of Technology and has long experience with free-piston engine technology.

Free-piston control work published
Research related to the control of free-piston engines has recently been published in the technical journal Applied Energy. For details, please see the publications page.